August 5, 2022


  • Doors to the school will open at 8:20 AM.  The first bell rings at 8:35 AM and school begins at 8:40 AM. Students will enter the school through the front door (door 1) and report directly to the hallway outside of their classroom. If students need help finding their way, staff will be around to help. 
  • If you are driving your child to school, we are a drop and go. Pull your car to the front, as far as you can, and drop off your child on the curb side. DO NOT EXIT your car. If your child needs help getting out of the car, please park in a spot in the lot and walk them to the sidewalk. 


  • School dismisses at 3:00 PM daily, except Wednesdays when students are dismissed at 2:30 PM for Staff Development. We dismiss on all half days at 11:40 AM
  • Please keep in mind that the parking lot closes between 2:50 – 3:10 PM, Monday through Friday (Wednesdays 2:20-2:40 PM). You will not be able to exit the lot until the busses leave.
  • If you are in a hurry, be sure to find a legal parking spot on the street. 
  • Students will be dismissed at the same time, but from different doors at the end of the day. Students taking the bus will exit through the front door and go directly to their bus. Only students riding the bus will be dismissed through door 1. Students in KASPER will be brought to the gym. 
    • Kindergarten – Azzaretto and Ernsting Door 4 and Brown – Door 5
    • First Grade – Door 3
    • Second Grade – Door 3
    • Third Grade – Door 2
    • Fourth Grade – Door 6 (Back Door)
    • Fifth Grade – Door 6 (Back door)
    • Sixth Grade – Door 2 
  • Please be on time when picking up your child, since we do not have staff to watch students after school. If you are going to be late, give the office a call to let us know. 
  • If there is a change to the normal way a student goes home, you must contact the office to let us know. Students will go home their usual way if we do not hear from you.